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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Sad Farewells

I couldn't stay for long, I wish I'd stayed longer though because things got wild apparently..or perhaps Mr Rolly was just twisting my arm. Capt Bazza and Percy Hanlon never looked smarter as the flags flew, the bellydancers shimmied and the accordion sent it's melancholic yet festive tunes out over the water. Many chose to take the ferry rather than take the virgin crossing across the bridge. More than a few feeling mournful as the Vickie Lynn and Loyalty proudly took their last laps across the river.
I've popped a few of my pics up of the day..before the pink tutu came out that is...

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Dutton Park Ferry Blog: December 2006

Dutton Park Ferry Blog: December 2006
has anyone got any photos of the last day ... can you add them to the blog

Thursday, December 14, 2006

the card


the card


the card


the card


the card


the card


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the card


Wednesday, December 13, 2006


 Q. What do you do when you have two ferries that both suffer a partial breakdown?
 A. You tie them together to make one workable unit!

 Vicky Lynn had a steering malfunction which left her rudder jammed at about 90deg.  [Good for running in small circles, but not much use otherwise.]

Loyalty had an engine control cable fail, so her engine could only be used in forward gear.

Neither ferry could be operated safely in the usual way, but when tied together they formed a workable unit: Loyalty could drive and steer the pair, and Vicky Lynn could do the stopping, and could assist in the manoeuvring.

If you have any memories of this singular event please add them  in the comments!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Trainee skippers


There are various roles that can be played on the ferry apart from being a passenger. Eager ferry trainees have been seen tying ropes, raising gangplanks, taking money,
counting on, etc. But the best role of all is trainee skipper. Here are two young trainees at work. 

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Party on the Ferry

So December 17 is the last day the ferry will be running, as on the same day 'the bridge' will be officially opened to a string of buses with some ceremonial snipping of tape. City council organised festivities will begin at noon, a sort of bridge baptism.

"The Eleanor Schonell Bridge" they've decided to name it. So now we'll be able to Schonell our way from Dutton Park, taking the Elanor Schonell Bridge across the river, nipping in for pizza at the Schonell Pizza Cafe or for a quick movie at the Schonell cinema and then on up Fred Schonell Drive to Toowong. They've kept it simple for us.. like we like it. Like cattle we can place one hoof in front of another, happily moving up and down the new Schonell transport corridor. But before we do.

There's a party on the Dutton Park Ferry.
and there's going to be some noise
It's at 11 am.
Fancy Dress if you fancy.
There'll be belly dancers-
and a brass band
There'll be eskies on the ferry for beverages
and maybe even some unconventional ferry manouvers.

Be there to honour the ferry lads and the trusty Vickie Lynn and Loyalty as they do their last laps.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Cyclus Evilus Kenivilus

One fresh, heavy dew on the grass late evening as I was mucking out the uni ferry waiting shed with a broom, Simon (a journalism student) on his pushbike who feared he would miss the last ferry, shot down the steep dew lubricated slope. I stood transfixed as he flew past within 10 feet.
A spontaneous thought of how he would restrain his momentum was quickly answered by the vision of Simon now totally missing the jetty and launching airborne off the river bank. He flew like Harry Potter but with a bicycle not a broom. Luckily his trajectory was cushioned by springy mangrove branches. Unfortunately as he clung to them, they failed to hold his weight, stretched and broke. Unfortunately the tide was out.
Fortunately as he fell, the two metres backwards he missed landing on a nearby rock. Fortunately he missed falling backwards onto his bicycle frame. Unfortunately he landed heavily on his sense of humour and his walkman in the slimy river mud
With much relief I watched as the top half of his head appeared above the river bank, a hand either side of his head on the riverbank edge, reminding me of 'Peanuts'.
It was too much to restrain the explosion of laughter. Fortunately the now mud soaked Simon, who must suffer a long embarrassing train ride home to Logan in this messy condition-doesn't have a gun or dear reader I would not be telling this tale.
It was a full month before we started to resume the warm convival friendship we shared before he made me laugh that night.
Best Wishes Simon